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Storage Racking

Storage Racking offered by PROMAG S.A. are products of the highest quality, which confirmed its usability in thousands of warehouses.

Our motto:

One company - thousands of equipped warehouses

finds it’s best confirmation in relation to the storage racking.

Thousands of satisfied customers, a countless number of pallet spaces are the best recommendation for our storage racking offer.

We present a full range of pallet racking offered by PROMAG S.A. - starting with the standard and most popular row pallet racking and finishing on a shelf Cart Push-Back racking. Pallet racking are the basic and the most simple in design and the use of storage racking. Their versatility allows for storage of palletized goods, with very high diversity, as well as goods not palletized.

CART PUSH-BACK type Flow Pallet Racking allows for storage up to 6 pallet loading units in the slot. Movement of goods in a CART BACK PUSH rack is on a special trucks sliding on the inclined rails (3-4%) placed in the racking.

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