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Loading equipment

We invite you to review loading equipment offered by PROMAG S.A.

Our offer includes:

  • loading docks
  • dock shelters
  • industrial doors
  • dock levellers
  • loading bridges

We can help you at every stage of the investment by providing:

Time savings

In today's world, time is precious. We give it to our customers. Offered by us loading systems allow to reduce operations of loading and unloading and minimize the time that cars are waiting for transshipment.

Processes Optimization

Modern systems optimize goods distribution processes, especially in areas where loading and unloading operations are taking place at a high frequency.

Versatile use

Our solutions frequently are used in distribution centers, transport and forwarding companies, production companies and shopping centers.

Professional advice

The benefits from having a professional loading transshipment stations are undeniable. However, to make the optimal choice and installation of such equipment, specialist help and advice is needed. We are always to your disposal.


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