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Multi-level storage systems

Multi-level storage systems offered by PROMAG S.A. are simple and economical way of expanding storage area without necessity to rebuild the object.

Storage  space "increasing "Solutions of the object through creating additional stories easily solve many logistical problems in the company.

PROMAG S.A. designing multi-level storage systems uses two types of solutions:

  • storage platforms (storage mezzanine)
  • racks that create a multi-level racks systems

Storage platforms (mezzanines storage) through modular design, easy installation
and disassembly features are one of the best and most effective solutions on the market.

Multi-level rack systems are usually based on the following types of shelf racks: DIMAX , M90 or on a pallet racks PHR .

Wide spectrum of multi-level storage systems features and many types of cover create unlimited space expansion capabilities for warehouses, production floors, stores and offices.

Multi-level storage systems - will increase your storage space


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