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Hoisting equipment

PROMAG S.A. offers hoisting equipment (cranes) which can be used in every workshop and business, both large and small operating in any industry.

We present solutions for material handling, facilitating and movement of goods within company in areas where there is no space to use trucks or where because of nature of the transported material, use of the trucks is not possible.

Hoisting equipment is used for lifting, lowering and moving heavy, unusual loads during renovation, installation, unloading, production, etc.

Since the work of these devices is related to the safety of people, who are the direct users, we work very closely with our customers during the implementation of the investment. We share our experience in a range of technical supervision rules. With a specialized installation teams, we realize the mechanical and electrical installation of hoisting devices and on customers request, we host the UDT collection.

All our products are properly matched to your needs, they improve transportation of materials, semi-finished and finished products, and thus optimize the processes and allow to achieve higher profits.

Our solution allows not only to reduce costs and improve workstations performance, but also increase the safety and ergonomics of these workstations.

We are a partner to our customers at every stage of the investment. Hoisting equipment can be a part of the whole vertical-horizontal transport system such as girder cranes, hoists or gantry cranes, but can also be independent device.

Hoisting equipment will increase the level of your company


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